This billion-dollar startup wants to capture your emotions in virtual reality

Social VR has the potential to shift the bounds of human communication, it’s part of the reason why Facebook has invested billions in the technology.
One of the keys to having positive VR interactions will be having the ability to interpret the emotions of the people you’re chatting with. Today, MindMaze is showing off the MASK, a device that reads the emotions on your face while you’re in VR.
I had a chance to meet with MindMaze CEO Tej Tadi and demo the emotion-tracking product. After strapping the MASK-equipped headset on, I was able to see an onscreen avatar mimic my emotions with startling speed.
What really makes this product stand out is the genius form factor: electrodes are outfitted into the foam liner face pad that is already pressed up against your face when you’re securing your headset. These electrodes get a sense of your facial muscles and can even predict what your emotions will be milliseconds before you fully complete it.

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