Amélie Barascud

Marketing Specialist

Q: Describe a typical day in your role?
A: “I always have a coffee cup in the morning to start my day – that’s very important!

“As a marketing specialist, my daily goal is to support, with my amazing team, the sales and clinical success departments with marketing materials and content. I ensure that everything is delivered on time, and is aligned with the objectives we agree together.

“What I really love about this job is that I always work on different and exciting projects, and I interact with several departments, which is nice and rewarding!”

Q: MindMaze is unique because…?
A: “It has a futuristic and innovative vision like no other.”

Q: How would you describe the journey MindMaze is on?
A: “It’s a bit like climbing Everest; extremely exciting, challenging, needs a lot of preparation, requires a strong strategy, provides a unique experience, is dependent on strong teamwork, and is rewarding once you reach the summit. Then, once you’ve completed your expedition, you want to do it all over again.”

Q: Complete the sentence – at the weekend I love to…
A: “Ski, talk about ski, do some more ski, and then enjoy the after-ski.”

Q: You have three spaces at your dinner party table. Who do you invite?
A: ““As a big mountaineering fan, and if I could bring someone back who has passed, I would request the company of Sherpa Tenzing Norgay. I would love to ask him what possessed him to be the first to climb the highest mountain in the world. But above all, I’d be interested to find out all the secrets of his expedition.

“Secondly, I would like to invite the free diver Jacques Mayol to hear him talk about his love for, and special bond with, the depths of the ocean.

“Finally, I would like to see sitting at my table one of my greatest inspirations: Malala Yousafza. She was a Nobel Peace Prize winner at only 17-years-old because of her fight to secure education for young girls.”

Q: Is there a fact that nobody else in the team knows about you?
A: “Despite being an extreme mountain and a scuba diving lover, I’m scared of heights and don’t like the fact I cannot see the bottom of the ocean. Paradoxical, isn’t it?”