NeuroGoggles Let You Control VR with Your Mind

Using neural sensing and decoding techniques, Mindleap stands to make the virtual more real

Earlier this month, Swiss healthcare hybrid MindMaze announced its pioneering move into the VR and gaming spaces with MindLeap. Combining headset-mounted neural sensors and motion-capture cameras, the system is designed to “facilitate neuro-powered immersive virtual and augmented reality” on such consoles and platforms as XBOX, PlayStation, iOS and Android.

The system (shown in a preview video) leverages technology developed by the company for a range of medical applications in treating neurological deficits, such as helping amputees control robotic limbs.

MindLeap’s NeuroGoggles headset, which can be outfitted with up to 32 electrodes, harnesses the company’s proprietary neurotechnology engine to predict a player’s intent via neurological readings and coordinate this with tracked body movements.

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