Empowering the human brain to heal.
MindMotion Pro
Early rehab. Made simple.
MindMotion™ PRO is FDA-cleared to bring 3D virtual environment therapy for neurorehabilitation to patients in the United States.
Enhanced Patient Motivation with 3D Virtual Environment
With MindMotion™ PRO, patients get a much more stimulating environment than they would with traditional rehabilitation treatments. Our virtual environments can be tailored according to the patient’s preferences and needs, motivating them to get the most from their therapeutic exercise training regimen. With real-time multisensory feedback, patients can monitor their own performance.
Better Visual Feedback & Analysis
Our highly accurate motion capture sensors enable real time mapping onto a virtual character (avatar), in different postures (lying, sitting and standing). Body sway and posture are monitored to optimize the visual feedback to the patient. Our system provides post session analysis to track each patient’s performance and progress over time.