Empowering the human brain to heal.

MindMotion Pro

Early rehab. Made simple.

MindMotion Pro is a medical-grade solution for early motor rehabilitation post stroke.

MindMotionPRO & Technology

Immersive Virtual Reality

Immersive virtual reality provides a highly stimulating environment compared to the traditional rehabilitation treatments. Virtual environments can be tailored according to patient’s preferences and needs, motivating them to maximize their therapeutic exercise training regimen. Real-time multisensory feedback also enhances patient’s awareness of their performance.

Motion Capture Technology & Analysis

We have developed highly accurate motion capture sensors that provide position and orientation to enable real time mapping onto a virtual character (avatar), while being compatible with different postures (lying, sitting and standing) irrespective of the environment. In addition body sway and posture are monitored to optimize the visual feedback to the patient. Post session analysis is provided by the system to track patient’s performance evolution.

Neurophysiological Measurements & Analysis

We allow recording of non-invasive electroencephalographic (EEG) signals to investigate multisensory and motor processes underlying movement recovery. Continuous brain monitoring during specific goal directed tasks in our virtual environments and its correlation to movement performance provides novel objectives markers for treatment.

"I think that was easier than other therapies, not tiring and also it was like a tasty dessert. For me, it was a pleasure to do such movements"
"Before starting the session, I was depressed, I felt my life was not worth living. For me playing with the MindMaze game it is the best moment of the day in hospital"
" The time spent during these exercises makes me forget that I am in a hospital"