MindMotion PRO receives CE Mark Certification For Use in Hospitals and Clinics in Europe

We’re excited to announce that our Immersive Virtual Reality (IVR) hospital based solution for early motor intervention, MindMotionPRO (v1), is now CE marked and approved for use in Hospitals and clinics in Europe. Designed in close collaboration with clinical experts in the neurorehabilitation domain, the system is mobile, and thus available for bedside use allowing early motor training in the sub-acute rehabilitation phase.

MindMotionPro is an immersive Virtual Reality (IVR) rehabilitation solution designed for hospital use. An aid to early rehabilitation, it offers repetitive task-specific training customizable to the specific needs of each patient, in a format that is both engaging and entertaining:

MindMotionPro is:

  • Ideal for mirror therapy of hemiparesis stroke patients
  • Available for bedside use allowing early motor training in the acute phase of rehabilitation
  • Allows Hospital/Unit to increase the “exercise dose” without requiring additional skilled clinicians
  • Permits development of individualized treatment plans that emphasize training towards compensation vs. new skill acquisition
  • Is easy to setup and use
  • Gamification of the exercises (levels of difficulty, rewards, real-time feedback) to maintain patient motivation and to increase the amount of practice.
  • Integration of visual feedback to guide the patient in order to enhance movement accuracy, trajectory, and speed.
  • Tracking of movement recovery across rehabilitation sessions using performance markers and a digitized standard assessment questionnaire.MindMotionPRO is also advantageous for R&D:


  • Virtual Reality (VR) environments preloaded with features to facilitate cognitive neuroscience and Brain Computer Interface (BCI) experiments
  • Supports Synchronization with external biosignal acquisition device, such as EEG system
  • Full access to the recorded raw data

The system includes a standard package of virtual reality exercises based on proven principles derived from cognitive neurorehabilitation and is targeted at training motor and cognitive skills through the different phases (from acute, sub-acute to chronic) of the rehabilitation process after stroke or brain injury.

MindMaze’s proprietary camera based motion capture and advanced body tracking algorithms record and map high-resolution motion data in real-time, enabling accurate and objective evaluation of patient movements and performance over time.

The CE mark was announced in association with the SwissMedic procedure on November 25th 2015.

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