MindMaze in Economic Time of India!

Neuroscientist Tej Tadi makes MindMaze break into unicorn club as Hinduja Group buys stake

MUMBAI: Finding a way to repair the central nervous system is something of a holy grail in the field of medical research. India-born neuroscientist Tej Tadi is among those who believe they have the answer.

That promise has vaulted his company MindMaze, which he started in Switzerland four years ago, into unicorn territory — startups worth $1 billion or more. Tadi’s plans are ambitious.

“MindMaze wants to become the (top) neuro-medical device company in the world. Our big vision is five years from now every device should have a MindMaze chip in it, ” Tadi told ET. “The chip computes the world like your brain does more intuitively. You think of something and that would happen through the software.”

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