MASK: real emotions in virtual reality
Virtual reality is finally a human experience
Introducing MASK
Synchronizing physical emotion with digital emotion through neuro-VR technology
MASK is a powerful step forward in virtual reality, making social VR and AR a truly emotional experience. By syncing the physical body in all its expressive capacity with a digital avatar, MASK allows developers to build playable characters that emote in pre-real-time.
Faster than real-time
Leverages advanced machine learning and biosignal processing to decode real-life facial expressions tens of milliseconds before they appear on a user’s face, and instantly replicates that expression on their avatar
Truly advanced expression tracking
Detects electrical impulses from the face and analyzes them with proprietary algorithms to create a neural signature of an individual’s expressions without training or calibration
An immersive transmedia experience
Designed as a lightweight foam insert, MASK’s hardware can easily embed into any VR headset, from mobile headsets like the Daydream and Gear VR to desktop-supported headsets, like the Vive and the RIFT