FDA Clears Gamified Neurorehabilitation System

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has cleared MindMotion GO (MindMaze), a mobile neurorehabilitation therapy system designed to motivate and engage patients in daily rehabilitation, the company reports

MindMotion GO is designed to be used by patients with light- and medium-severity neurologic impairments and also provides continued therapy later in the recovery phase, primarily on an outpatient basis, the company says.

MindMotion GO is an outpatient addition to the company’s MindMotion PRO, which received FDA approval in May 2017. MindMotion PRO is designed for patients with severe impairments and for early hospital care, allowing for therapeutic activities as early as 4 days after a neurologic incident.

“Now that both MindMotion products have FDA clearance, MindMaze delivers a full spectrum of neuro-care solutions for both inpatient and outpatient recovery for patients in the United States,” Tej Tadi, CEO and founder of MindMaze, said in a news release.

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