Meet MindMaze at these upcoming events

Graz BCI Conference

18-22 September 2017

Graz, Austria

7th Graz Brain-Computer Interface Conference 2017

From Vision to Reality.

Swiss Neurological Society Annual Meeting

28-29 September 2017

Congress Center Kursaal, Interlaken, Switzerland

Les thèmes scientifiques variés qui seront abordés lors de la réunion porteront, entre autres, sur les plus récentes évolutions dans la pratique clinique et sur les derniers résultats de la recherche. À cette occasion, des sujets actuels relatifs à toute une série de domaines spécialisés seront traités: IRM pour les médecins en exercice, neurologie comportementale, démence, troubles de la mobilité et sclérose en plaques. Des interventions libres et une présentation d’affiches viendront compléter le programme scientifique.

The Cerebellum Beyond Movement. Master Class

07-08 October 2017

Birkdale Neuro Rehabilitation Centre, UK

The aim of this masterclass is to further expand our knowledge on the varying roles of the Cerebellum & learn to apply this knowledge in our everyday practice in neuro rehabilitation.


25-28 October 2017

Lausanne, Switzerland

The mission of the European Federation of Neurorehabilitation (EFNR) is to advance the quality of science, services and education in the field of neurorehabilitation across Europe.
Due to the different approaches for Neurorehabilitation in the various European countries, the EFNR promotes a common platform for discussion of organisational models and rehabilitation ideologies.


09-10 November 2017

Baltimore, Maryland, USA

The American Society of Neurorehabilitation (ASNR) is excited to be bringing our 2017 Annual Meeting to SfN as a two day satellite meeting.  This two day meeting is focused on advances in the basic and clinical science of neurorehabilitation, providing opportunities to share knowledge, experience, and developments in the field.

Therapy Show

22-23 November 2017

Birmingham NEC, UK

This year's event promises to provide even more tools for therapy professional’s whose workloads and responsibilities continue to increase as they move further and further into front line positions, to support other healthcare professionals experiencing unprecedented pressure from all sides.

Attendees will be kept up-to-speed on the latest treatment techniques, clinic studies and will be able to tailor individual training paths from a comprehensive, cross specialty speaker line-up and hands-on skills training programmes covering sports Injuries & biomechanics, neuro rehabilitation musculoskeletal and business.

UK Stroke Forum

28-30 November 2017

Liverpool, UK

Three days, including a dedicated training day with a choice of streams depending on your role.Over 20 main conference sessions, each focused on a different aspect of stroke care.Over 90 expert speakers and researchers giving talks on the latest research updates and service improvements.Over 60 exhibition stands showcasing new innovations and industry developments.Over 180 research posters including ongoing trials, Practical workshops, Debate sessions, Stroke survivors sharing their experiences.


07-09 December 2017

Berlin, Deutschland

Jahrestagung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Neurorehabilitation e. V. (DGNR)


07-10 February 2018

Mumbai, India

Advances in basic neurosciences and in clinical practice are changing the lives of many patients and helping them to re-integrate into society. “From Neuro Technologies to Community Care”, the theme that has been chosen for this Congress, will cover exciting, innovative technologies in neurorehabilitation that offer high quality care at low cost for the developing world communities.