Developers Continue Push To Make Virtual Reality Mainstream

A Swiss company called MindMaze has a headset that can drop a layer of virtual reality on top of the real thing. I was able to put them on, and when I looked at my real hands it seemed as if there were flames coming out of my finger tips.

MindMaze CEO Tej Tadi grabbed my hand for a moment and his hands were on also fire. In a game, this could be used to give me the power to shoot flames at a city with my fingers.

Tadi says his headset is making an important technological leap — seeing your actual hands — which some of his competitors haven’t done yet.

“Just by getting your body into the picture, into these virtual worlds, where you body is your controller versus just joysticks, which is artificial; you can just use your hands as you would in the real world,” Tadi says. “That opens up a whole new way of interacting with games.”

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