MindMaze on Wall Street daily ! Virtual Reality Therapy Wows Stroke Victims

When it comes to virtual reality (VR), one nagging question remains constant…

Is it just a cool, niche technology, or is it the next truly disruptive digital platform ?

MindMaze: Accelerating Recovery

Based in Switzerland, the highly promising three-year-old company integrates neuroscience with VR to help victims of stroke, amputation, or spinal injuries regain motor function faster than with traditional physical therapy.

More specifically, MindMaze uses a motion-sensing camera to project a patient’s avatar onto VR goggles. Then, with the help of as many as 32 electrodes on the patient’s head, he/she can command his or her virtual arm or leg to move to perform a task – for example, lifting a glass or kicking a ball.

Essentially, MindMaze “tricks” a patient’s brain into re-activating damaged neurons, or activating new neurons to take over for the damaged ones.


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